May 07

JRock Revolution – Not

There’s a petition floating around for a Jrock Revolution 2.  It looks like the petition originates from the Jrock Revolution.com website.  Now if you think this is odd and confusing, we’ll add in the letter from the site coordinator basically stating that “the only people who can legally put on a second festival are the promoters who presented the original.”

So who are the original promoters?  That would be the 4fini, a well known event production company that has festivals such as Taste of Chaos, Warped Tour and Lollapalooza under their belts.

Then what is jrockrevolution.com?  From the sound of it, someone got a hold of the domain name, decided to put together a website promoting Japanese music and piggyback on the popularity of the Jrock Revolution Festival.

So where does that lead Jrock Revolution Festival 2?  It leaves it in limbo, the same place it’s been in for the past two years since May 2007.


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  1. Miyu

    Jrock Rev. is ran by Yoshiki and by others but due to things happening it’s caused a back up in bringing in bands

    1. Kathy Chee

      The distinction here being that Jrock Revolution (the concert) and jrockrevolution.com are not related.

  2. logain

    jrockrevolution.com let a whole bunch of fans down with all of this. Do you happen to know the other Japanese promoter? I remember numerous occasions when Kuri and others promised things were in the works like the DVD but they wouldn’t have any control over that now would they. Tsk tsk shame on them.

    1. Kathy Chee

      There is no other Japanese promoter. Jrock Revolution is also not a Japanese promoter, because they’re based in the US. The big player was 4fini, a US tour company and the efforts of various individuals from different companies.

      1. logain

        From what I heard there was someone else working over seas besides 4fini.

        1. Kytrax

          There were a bunch of people, including all the labels, management and Yoshiki. But have you dealt with Japanese lables before? I’m amazed they pulled it off at all.

  3. Tsuki

    The Jrock fan base has been around for a long time. I don’t think they’re going anywhere and don’t believe that if JRR fails everything jrock goes to hell. There are a lot more companies working on promotion now. I didn’t sign any petition. Online petitions are a waste of time. I was never a member of JRR’s site or forum, either. One thing I have been for over the last 15 years is a jrock fan. JRR failing certainly won’t change that. I’m in it for the music and theirs isn’t the only jrock site promoting that. There are many sites like this one that cover a much broader range of music styles and artists.

  4. flip klein

    While JRR may now seem to be nothing but an elitist fan run site.
    It is indeed owned by those responsiable for the JRR festival. Or atleast a few of those responsiable.

    Since the festival itself has veered off course dramatically, true.
    And yes this petition, even though I did sign it, seems quite foolish and weak. Its not a fan run site, though the staffers are fans of jrock.
    It is not a street team. Or it was not originally.
    Its a shame to see but since half the orignal staff has left, things have gotten quite confusing, even EinSof’s very own ever elusive Krystal Yang has vanished from the site that her company helps run and only appears when it seems she is needed to settle things.
    Though the reasons for this seem to be deeper than can currently be seen. That is all I will say about that and all I know. I wish her the best.

    Now I wish JRR would work, that it would actually come back.
    Though JRR does now exist alongside S.K.I.N. as a joke amoung Jrock fans all over the world, and all across the internet.

    It would be nice to see JRR actually come back from beyond the grave. The Jrock fandom can only hope….and laugh.

    Let us just pray that this isn’t a joke, lest JRR.com fall into the same hole as Batsu and their supposed Kana US tour and other failed tours.

    Lets just hope…even if it fails. Lets see some sorta optimistic view.
    God help the Jrock fanbase.


    1. Kathy Chee

      Now while I think jrockrevolution.com is a perfectly legit site, the name alone begets confusion as to it’s relevancy and responsibility regarding the Jrock Revolution festival. And Flip, your comment is a clear sign of that confusion. Jrock Revolution and jrockrevolution.com are separate entities and should be treated as such.

      Per the site coordinator, “The only people who can legally put on a second festival are the promoters who presented the original. We could not (nor could anyone else) put on a Jrock Revolution 2 as we do not own Jrock Revolution. That is why we are JrockRevolution.com.”

      And who were the promoters (aka the ones responsible for the Jrock Revolution festival)? 4fini.

      It doesn’t look like 4fini has abandoned Japanese music either. VAMPS is taking part in a portion of the Warped Tour. Who knows what other backroom deals are currently being made? I wouldn’t give up hope if jrockrevolution.com decides to find their purpose and do something else besides promote a dead festival.

      1. flip klein

        I know they are separate, but I also have optimism.
        I am not confused, I never said JRR.com owned JRR, but they do act as the main site for the festival. They are the ones who do the promotion for it.

        And at least they are attempting to try and convince the sponsors and festival owners to bring back JRR the festival.
        Its better to at least try then sit there and do nothing at all.

        I hope JRR2 does happen, and I have some faith in it.
        There is nothing wrong with having some hope.

        -Flip K.

        1. Kathy Chee

          There’s a difference between doing business and being a fan. But that’s a whoooole ‘nother discussion.

  5. Kathy Chee

    See the difference between an actual promoter and just a fan run street team type deal is that a promoter gets paid, because a promoter has connections. A promoter can get things done.

  6. Tsuki

    If I remember correctly jrockrevolution.com seemed to take a lot of credit for Jrock Revolution Festival 1. I’m sure a lot of people figured they were the ones who did the work to bring the artists here and put the event on. After reading the letter from the site admin. it’s obvious that wasn’t the case. Thanks for clearing that up.

  7. Evan

    I dunno… a little sketch, wouldn’t you think?

    Promoters are expendable in this sense when they aren’t truly tied to what they promote… If you need to resort to a petition, well I dunno… c’mon… What these event operators need is action… something that’s not quite representative of a petition…

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