Apr 06

Why Kant Kyo Sing

Bad news for Dir en grey fans, the band has had to postpone their ongoing FEAST OF V SENSES tour dates for Sendai and Sapporo following news that Vocalist Kyo has been diagnosed with laryngeal edema which has caused inflammation of his vocal chords. Here’s wishing the crazy chainsaw chihuahua a speedy recovery!

Karmic love to anyone who gets the obscure music reference in the title of this post.


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  1. Mireille Dumoulin

    That is really sad news especially knowing that a short rest is not enough to cure his condition. What is really scary is the thought of that beautiful voice being forever silenced due to damage he may cause his vocal chords. Kyo has often stated that this is his only reason for living. This world would suffer a great loss should we lose his lyrics/voice/poetry/message and the hope, comfort and inspiration this brilliant artist unselfishly shares with us all.

    1. Kathy Chee

      I kind of wonder what would happen if he couldn’t make music anymore. Kyo the psychologist? Kyo the creator of obscure kanji?

  2. Ali

    Y Kant Tori Read

    What do I win? :P

    1. Kathy Chee

      Maybe boo will send you a shamwow.

      1. Layne

        Haha thats the best thing ive heard all day.

  3. Catherine Catanzaro

    Hahahahaha, I love the ‘throat’ tag.

  4. e

    Alternate titles:

    Pretty Bad Throat

    Abnormally Attracted to Lozenges

    Silent All This Year

  5. Kathy Chee

    Hah! And speaking of Tori, she’s getting ready to put out a new album.

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