Apr 17

[video] VAMPS: Evanescent

The new video for Evanescent by VAMPS has leaked all over youtube.  And this is good, because the song is the best from VAMPS yet. It’s a rock ballad, but has all those goodies (lovely falsettos and angsty drawn out notes) you miss from Hyde when he falls into his hard rock persona. We don’t know how much input Kaz had on the composition, but the music perfectly envelopes Hyde’s vocals, cradling them into soaring crescendos.

I can’t look at Hyde and not count all the very unmanly things he does. And I think he does them unconsciously. Can you name the ones in this video?


  1. Gyabou

    Very reminiscent of “Season’s Call,” which I am okay with. My money is on a Kaz composition.

    But none of that matters because OH SHIT “LIFE ON MARS” C/W FUCK YES.

  2. Giselle

    Ahaha. Hyde does do feminine things when not realizing it. How he moved his legs were crossed was a big one.

    Beautiful song. I love it. I love all his songs. Nice description exactly how I felt.

  3. Tsuki

    Love the song! Finally something that doesn’t sound like Hyde’s been screeching or gargling gravel.

    Hyde didn’t seem feminine to me here. He just looked incredibly tired and sad.

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