Apr 21

The Recession Hits Hard

I wasn’t buying into this “so-called” recession that those liberal types in the media have been trying to sell us until I heard news that Korea can no longer afford Gackt. According to his website the Korean sponsors of his latest tour have pulled funding, forcing him to cancel his planned May 18th performance. It’s OK Korea… we’re all in this together.

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  1. Tsuki

    I’m not surprised they can’t afford Gackt. I mean, look at the crazy stuff he does on tour with teams of dancers, horses, visual and sound effects. That’s gotta be expensive. And is it worth it? I’m not so sure. I heard a preview of one of his new singles (Koakuma Heaven)and it was awful. Lots of autotuner vocal effects and an almost disco dance beat. I wouldn’t want to pay to listen to more of that.

    I loved Gackt’s music before 2005. Since then he’s had a few songs I’ve liked, but nothing extraordinary. He seems to be pouring more money into larger shows and more effects, but the music is less than inspiring and for me it’s all about the music.

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