Apr 14

The Many Faces of MYV

Where is this all going?  No one but Miyavi and perhaps his unborn child may know.  Do a quick Google search on Miyavi and all kinds of tomfuckery appears as you try to wade through the old, the new and the fabricated to find out what is Miyavi up to these days?

*Keeping in the spirit of Miyavi, we’ll be adding random z’s to make sentences cooler.

J-Glam Inc. – Miyavi’s new company to possibly manage his projects (merchandise) and make him moneyz.

MYV 382 Tokyo – Counting down the dayz!

MYV x MJP – Music Japan Plus joins up with Miyavi for something!  We don’t know what it is, because it’s a secretz, but we do expect lots of fun reading and mixed up English.

I remember the days of such albums as Miyaviuta-Dokuso and Galyuu and will continue to keep my fingers crossed that the victory road to the (self proclaimed) king of visual includes some music.


  1. Kathy Chee

    I really really liked Miyaviuta with its acoustics and it’s bluesy feel. It reminded me of Muddy Waters and bands of that genre.

    The remix was awful. I haven’t liked any of the stuff he’s done with the Kavki Boyz.

    1. Tsuki

      I think Miyavi is a great blues guitarist and even his vocal style suits the blues more than any other genre.

  2. Tsuki

    Another album like Dokusou would be nice. I haven’t been too crazy about his latest releases. That remix album was a mess.

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