Apr 15

The Epic of girugamesh

Quick Notes from the Q&A

When asked what they thought of Sakuracon, the whole band stood up and chanted, “girugamesh!”

An inside source tells us that the band members were quite amused by the Sakuracon commercial.  Can you believe they even watched the remixes?  Jokingly (or maybe not) girugamesh mentioned wanting to meet the young gentleman in the commercial and perhaps have him cameo in a future song.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the original Sakuracon commercial.



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  1. Rose Esper

    So what are we to judge..

  2. Victoria Goldenberg

    At least that kid gets the laugh last because now the band remembers him.

  3. go

    they should totally have him record their concert intro (“And now… ladies and gentlemen… garoogamesh!!!”)

    1. Kathy Chee

      Lols, THAT would be epic.

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