Apr 23

SMAP Member Arrested For Showing His Member

This is hilarious and sad all at the same time. The former because I found the original link on Perezhilton.com and the latter because, wow, drunk and naked in a park.

34-year-old Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, a member of the very popular Japanese pop group SMAP, was arrested for public indecency after neighbors reported a drunk man was making a fuss in the park.

Public indecency carries a penalty of up to six months in prison or a fine of up to 300,000 yen ($3,060). I think he can afford the fines, but bye bye career!

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  1. Brittani Brosig

    The funny thing is Japan makes most of the weirdest television commercials. Is it because it’s a cultural thing, or perhaps it’s another thing? Apologies for ranting, I’m not trying to take away from a well done blog post.

    1. Kathy Chee

      Asia in general makes some weird commercials, but I think it’s more a cultural thing. It looks weird to North America, but totally ok in China or Korea.

  2. John

    This isn’t unusual at all, it just happened to be someone that gave the story legs. You go to any park during Hanami season in Japan and you’re guarnteed to see several naked Japanese men, unfortunately the women seem not to participate… at least not in public. His apology was perfect ” I drank to much and got out of control.” Every adult in Japan can associate with that. Hopefully it was a warm night and his kibble and bits didn’shrink to much.

  3. Sarah

    Well, OBVIOUSLY that park was asking for it, what with that gray, naked lady sitting on a cement block (2:28).

  4. Catherine Catanzaro

    The best part of this whole thing is definitely this t-shirt.

  5. Kathy Chee

    So very typically Japanese. Kusanagi basically makes one big apology and all the dirt gets swept under the carpet.


  6. Victoria Goldenberg

    How could they miss the opportunity to have him star in digital terrestrial TV broadcasting commercials naked?

    1. Kathy Chee

      He does seem rather smexy smexy in some of his stuff. I wonder what led to the breakdown. Cause nobody who’s feeling “ok” gets drunk and naked in a public park. The best part of this is when he said, “What’s wrong with being naked?”

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