Apr 10

Gackt – Dears Official Overseas Questionnaire

Check out the English (Engrish) questionnaire over at the Dears official fan club.  What would be their first order of business if they wanted to successfully open an overseas Dears branch?  Hire a better translator.

I was particularly baffled by this question.

“11. What would you like to buy if you can get overseas goods of Gackt’s softwares?”

I don’t want Gackt’s softwares.  I want to buy (and possibly touch) his hardwares!


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  1. Laura

    *chokes on lunch*

    1. Kathy Chee

      This makes me wonder if he’ll play a convention after the whole SKIN disaster.

  2. Catherine Catanzaro

    Hey, at least they appear to have an English spellchecker. That alone is more effort than we usually see with this kind of stuff.

    I hope this prompts some overseas concerts. I’ve never been a big fan but oh boy, Gackt shows in the US? That would be a fun time. In a masochistic sort of way.

    1. Kathy Chee

      Oddly enough, I would totally join the overseas fanclub if we got the same nifty stuff the regular fanclub did. And then there’s that ridiculous trip he takes every year with his fanclub. LOL, I would go just to LOL at stuff.

      1. Tsuki

        I probably would have joined if it opened up about 5 years ago. Now I think I’m all Gackt-out. Of course this could change if he put out something awesome.

  3. Tsuki

    LOL! I read that questionnaire on April first when a friend sent it in a bulletin on myspace. I didn’t even look at the official site because I thought it was a joke.

    1. Kathy Chee

      I thought it was a joke too! But alas, they are quite serious. -_-;

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