Apr 03

cali≠gari, again


Hey old school VK fans. I was strolling through the VK graveyard preparing a solemn plot for SUGAR when to my astonishment I came upon the desecrated grounds of the long dead and buried cali≠gari (Kah-Ree, Gah-Ree) whose members scattered to the various winds in the Summer of 2003. It seems the band with the weird symbol in their name is back… for a limited time only with a new single cali≠gari no Sekai (A cali≠gari World) dropping on May 20th. This includes a one time limited engagement reunion concert at ZEPP TOKYO on the 20th of June.
Dreams do come true! Albeit with a firm expiration date on them.

FYI: Anyone notice that this “single” costs 3,000 Yen for the regular edition sans DVD??? Is it perhaps made of solid gold? Inquiring minds and gold investors want to know.



  1. Justin

    it’s an album with 21 tracks, and with the dvd it’s a pretty good deal. and not everyone has to like them but i can’t find anything i dont like about them personally. theyre my favorite band.

  2. Catherine Catanzaro

    GASP. Oh my, this certainly brings back memories. But I don’t think my heart can handle being teased into believing yet another long-gone band will be rising from its grave. First Luna Sea, and now these guys? Why do they do these things to me?

  3. Kathy Chee

    I would say this came about because peeps are strapped for cash. Does anyone remember what was good about Cali Gari? Cause I can’t.

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