Apr 10

2 mothercoats for the price of one

OK this is just wacky. Our favorite low pop style rockers, mothercoat, are known for their eccentric release antics including a hexagonal origami CD jacket and their weird “send us the money for the album which isn’t yet finished” strategy known as “air review,” but this is unprecedented. Their first full length album entitled Patchwork_Shiki will release on June 24th with, get this, two copies of the same CD included (limited to the first pressings)! The presumption is that you will keep one and give one away to a friend thus spreading the mothercoat love by way of physical transference. Check out their strange promotional video for the presently finished album below.


  1. Kathy Chee

    I also give them props for doing this. Having the physical CD still means something and the cost of making another CD is super minimal.

  2. Catherine Catanzaro

    That’s actually a really cool idea. Kind of… odd and unexpected, but a great promotional tool and a clever way of discouraging illegal downloading. I wish more artists would do wacky stuff like this with their releases.

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