Mar 29

Weeeeeee're Baaaaack!

Yup. Here it is. Purple SKY in the digital flesh. How exciting!

To take advantage of the new format, I’ve made a video to demonstrate how GACKT’s song GHOST haunts me. Enjoy!


  1. Victoria Goldenberg

    That’s not how you eat pudding.

  2. Kathy Chee

    Wow…who does crosswords in pen? This was the harbinger to your waltz with Gackt’s ghost.

  3. Tsuki

    LOL! Welcome back. And the moral of the story is??

    Gackt’s “Ghost” plays in your mind when moments of frustration rear their ugly heads in your life?

    Gackt’s “Ghost” has morphed into background muzak?

    Gackt himself has become a ghost musically of his former self?

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