Mar 31

Kamen Rider Gackt – Journey through a Boyhood Dream

What does every little boy and/or middle aged man dream of being a part of? In the USA that might be Superman, but in Japan that dream would be Kamen Rider. And Gackt is one step closer to his dream, singing with passable fervor the lyrics written by Fujibayashi Shoko for the opening theme of Kamen Rider Decade, “Journey through the Decade.”

But what fans hoped would be a dramatic Gackt original single is not. “Journey through the Decade” is instead a collaboration of which Gackt is only an instrument and one that’s in need of a bit of retuning. I can only think, with the constant forced emotion and warble of death, that he’s losing his touch. Diabolos came out in 2005. Three years and still no new studio album in sight, but what’s music when faced with the giant corporate unicorn that is the Kamen Rider series? What someone from the actual world needs to tell him is that dreams may be nice, but human emotion is grounded in reality. Come back to earth and give us an album.

All we need in this video is Godzilla.


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  1. Lena

    What is up with the Gackt bashing??? ..and so what if he hasn’t had a full album its not exactly like he has fallen off the radar screen he has give us plenty of awesome kickass music since Diablos..such as Returner the music video alone with him dying in the heat of battle and being the hottest samurai ever is enough to keep me happy for another decade, Jesus with Ghost and Blue Lagoon; Now Journey though the decade and Flower maybe a bit slower than the previous but Gackt always reinvents himself no one was expecting Love Letter either but that just shows what a great diverse artist he is..

    1. Kytrax

      Gackt is what got me into Japanese music. His new material just doesn’t hold up to what he’s put out before. I’m not a fan of Love Letter.

  2. Spatt

    Seems like you guys knows a lot af Gackt. I do enjoy this song though. Maybe its because I love KR so much.

    1. Kytrax

      The song isn’t bad, but Gackt has fallen into a particular formula of song writing that’s just boring and predictable now. Where’s the excitement and anticipation? I would say he’s dumped all that into trying to get into Hollywood.

  3. Catherine Catanzaro

    To be honest, I couldn’t even sit through the entirety of this video. I’ve never been much of a fan, but since when has Gackt been so boring?

    ……. I did kind of like the spinning though.

  4. boo

    I’ve re-evaluated this song after waking up with the chorus stuck in my head. It’s kind of catchy in a pop way. In the interest of full disclosure, the idea of a new Gackt album is more appealing to me now than it has been in years.

  5. boo

    He has another album. He’s been playing it for sell out crowds. It has a ton of autotune on it. I think he’s too busy hobnobbing with celebs to release it yet.

    1. Kathy Chee

      I know what day this is!

  6. Kathy Chee

    You know, you’re the second person to mention the whole spinning video thing. I think the first person got motion sick after I made her watch it. ^_^;

  7. Sarah

    Spinning music videos are never a good idea! *hurls*

  8. Tsuki

    I’m in agreement with you about Gackt possibly losing his touch. It’s been a long time since I heard anything from him that sounded really original. Jesus brought a tiny bit of hope, but it still sounded much like the material he released on Diabolos.

    I’m not sure if I want another Gackt album but I would probably listen if one came out. However,if it winds up full of electronic vocal effects, I’m done. I loved his voice pre-2005. Now he has little control over his vibrato, strains to hold notes and has lost some of his dynamic range and tone. He’s certainly not a terrible vocalist but it’s hard to listen to him now when he was so much more powerful in his early solo years.

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