Oct 22

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Thanks to all our contributors and readers for a great 5 years with purple SKY magazine.  Purple SKY will remain an archival site, but we will no longer be publishing new material.  Here are some links to current projects by some of our great contributors.

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Sarah Dworken – http://twitter.com/Sarah_at_pSKY

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Lee Miller – http://www.aristocratphotography.com/

Jen Wang – http://hibarisensei.wordpress.com/

Sep 24

[press release] DAZZLE VISION returns to America for Tekkoshocon 2013

September 24, 2012 – Japanese hard-rock screamo band DAZZLE VISION will return to America to perform at Japanese anime and culture event Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh, PA.

Famous for her “Death Voice,” melodic vocals, and high-fashion lolita style, singer Maiko and her band-mates made their USA debut at Sakura-Con 2010 as the opening act for HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR. Since then, DAZZLE VISION has toured in Japan with American rock band Evanescence, released two more albums, and Maiko’s voice has been added to Japanese voice databank UTAU software as the character “Maiko Hakaine”.

DAZZLE VISION will perform a live concert, fan Q&A, and autograph sessions during the four-day event, April 4-7, 2013, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Event and registration information can be found at http://www.tekkoshocon.com.

DAZZLE VISION appears at Tekkoshocon by arrangement with RESONANCE Media and HUMAN NOISE Records.

Official website: http://dazzlevision.net
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DAZZLE_VISION
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dazzlevision2010
iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/dazzle-vision/id414432480

Sep 19

[live report] The Return of Harajuku Dance Rock

With tensions mounting against Japan in recent weeks, one glimmer of hope shines amongst the chaos and disarray: Harajuku Dance Rock is back. And by that, I mean An Cafe. Nearly three years after announcing their hiatus, the bouncier-than-a-bouncy-castle band resumed activities with their two September live performances ANCAFESTA ’12 SUMMER DIVE. Rumors circulating amongst the foreign press say that An Cafe might be the ones to solve all the world’s problems. And I mean all of them.

OK, maybe An Cafe wasn’t there during the September 9 show I saw to make any big political, social, or otherwise deep statements about the wrongs in the world. They were there, however, to dust off those old Harajuku Dance Rock shoes for a show that was all about that legendary, ancient, but not forgotten custom of NYAPPY.

What is NYAPPY? Frankly, I’m still a little unsure on the concept, but from a layman’s prospective, it’s exactly what one would see at an An Cafe show. To open the show, the band marched around the Yoyogi National Gymnasium Second Building, a circular venue that normally hosts basketball games and probably gladiator fights. Their costumes resembled pastel versions of 1930′s hobo clowns, complete with oversized pants, jackets, and knick-knacks. Dinky circus music played in the background as fans reached out for a piece of the An Cafe action. One male fan earnestly shook vocalist Miku’shand. It was truly a touching moment scored with an almost-cover of “Baby Elephant Walk.”

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Aug 29

[press release] Japanese Punk Rock Band Akabane Vulgars U.S. Tour

Seattle, WA, August 23, 2012 – The bluesy, Japanese all-girl power trio, The Akabane Vulgars On Strong Bypass, returns to take the U.S.A. by storm as they announce a new multi-city national tour kicking off tomorrow! Catch their songs and image at www.akabane-vulgars.com.

The Akabane Vulgars On Strong Bypass 2012 U.S. Tour, “Return of the King Zero,” will take the band to 20 cities and formally kicks off on Saturday, August 25th with a performance at the 2012 J-Pop Summit Festival in San Francisco, following a warm-up gig the day before in Guala, CA at the Bones Roadhouse.

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Aug 01

[photo] Mikako Joho, Aya Hirano, and VIXX @ Otakon 2012

Photos of Mikako Joho, Aya Hirano, and VIXX at Otakon 2012.

Mikako Joho website – http://mikakojoho.com/

Aya Hirano website – http://www.ayahirano.jp/

VIXX website – http://www.realvixx.com/

To see more VIXX photos and read about their first North American appearance, go to KOME - http://www.kome-world.com/us/articles-13942-vixx-at-otakon.html

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